An Oil and Gas Company with a vision

Exploration & Production, Innovating to Meet Demand for Oil and Natural Gas

Finding new oil and gas resources is a way of securing sustainable access to energy for everyone. Here at PetroGas Company, we are rising to that huge technological and environmental challenge. We meet this challenge every day thanks to our positions in strategic sectors: liquefied natural gas, unconventional gas, and light crude oil and oil sands. Oil and gas projects are always interesting, complex ventures with long timescales. Their success is driven by the technological expertise and innovation capabilities of our teams and by our constant focus on the safety of people and environmental protection. Our team of highly skilled geologists, engineers and operators work diligently to maintain our current production and find new sources of hydrocarbons to bring to market. Here at PetroGas Company, our priority is sustainability and profitability.

Our guiding principles

PetroGas Company is committed to becoming a world leader in hydrocarbons production. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards. The following principles guide our relationships with our shareholders, customers, employees, and communities.

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Financial and Operating Information

In order to facilitate financial information about our company we are linking to several tools available to our investors. Find out more about our latest press releases. View information about our stock.

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Your Ideas - Your Opportunities!

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we seek to foster a diverse workforce of highly talented individuals committed to achieving our business priorities. We use a long-term, career-oriented approach that includes recruiting outstanding talent and developing individuals internally by providing them the opportunity to complete a wide range of assignments.

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