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TEXAS - Abilene

This specific lease we own totals about 950 Acres and is situated in Callahan County, Texas

Tract 1- All of the William Scurlock Survey 211 ,Abstract No.307 ,CertNo. 452 Patent No. 347 Volume 2,containing 640 acres of land more or less.

Save and Except 9.251 acres described in Deed from Naomi Cutbrith Heyser to the State of Texas ,dated June 14th,1974,recorded in Volume 396,Page 186,of the Deed Records of Callahan County,Texas.

Save and Except, all depths from the surface of the earth down to 2,000 feet beneath the surface of the earth on the North half of the William Scurlock Survey No.211, being 320 Acres more or less.

Tract2 All of the A.F.Woodward Survey No.210 Abstract No.528, Cert.No.1203,PatentNo.1302,Volume 6, containing 320 acres of land ,more or less.

We have begun exploring the property and the formations we are looking to drill into are

Cook at 1050ft., Lower Hope1260 ft., King Sand 1345ft., Cross Plains Sand1848 ft., PaloPinto 2390 ft., Moran2735 ft., Capps 2800 ft., Strawn A sand 3197 ft., Caddo 3668 ft. LakeSand 3725 ft., Bend Conglomerate Upper and lower 3678 ft., Ellenburger 3990-4025 ft.

Nearby properties host wells that are currently active and pumping commercial amounts of hydrocarbons at various depths. We are hopeful that our exploration program will yield favorable results.

We expect to begin drilling in the second half of 2015 and complete the first downhole by the third quarter of 2015.