An Oil and Gas Company with a vision

As fossil fuels producers we have a responsibility to the planet.

We believe energy is precious. That's why we strive to use it as efficiently as possible in our own operations. Of all the ways to meet the world's expanding energy needs, efficiency and conservation are the cheapest and most beneficial to the environment. Using energy more efficiently helps reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs and preserve our finite natural resources.

Energy efficiency is one of our most economical sources of new energy. For example, a reduction of just five percent in global energy use would save the equivalent of more than 10 million barrels of oil per day—enough energy to power Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom for a day.

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a global issue that requires global engagement and action.

GHGs do not recognize sovereign borders. Climate change risks stem from the cumulative effect of GHG emissions from all nations. By 2025, about one-third of global energy-related GHG emissions are projected to come from OECD* nations and two-thirds from non-OECD nations – the single largest being China accounting for nearly 30 percent of projected global energy-related GHG emissions. With emissions rising fastest in the broader developing world, climate change risks cannot be addressed by actions taken in the developed world alone.

Global engagement is required. Unilateral action by any country or jurisdiction could result in unintended consequences that could distort markets, reduce competitiveness of trade-exposed industries and undermine intended environmental objectives – without reducing climate change risks to that country or jurisdiction.

If all energy producers and consumers take the time and effort to work together in order to reduce consumption and ill-usage we can make a dramatic difference in the world and carve a better future for