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TEXAS - Frio & Atascosa

Situated in Atascosa and Frio Counties, Texas, in the heart of the the Jane Burns “C” (and Theo Rogers “A” & “D” which we call the Burns/Rogers property boasts prime exploration and production opportunities in the Kyote Field pay zone, very near the Eagle Ford Shale play with easy access available to rig crews and other vendor-servicers.

We already have oil production in place thanks to 7 wells on the property but we plan to continue exploring this property and drilling new wells at similar depths to our existing wells at approximately 3,500 feet (Kyote formation near the Olmos “D” Reservoir), as well as recompleting. Our leases cover a total of about 515 acres (160 acres on Burns C and 355 acres on Rogers A, C, and D).

Proven reserves on these leases have been demonstrated consistently for the past several decades, as these wells were initially drilled and completed by Texaco.

This is a very favorable result based on technical analysis from currently available information. Further exploration could yield more accurate figures.

Since the Olmos reservoirs in the immediate area have produced in excess of 1,200,000 barrels of oil to date we have decided to put a plan forward to explore the property further by seeking to acquire 2D and potentially 3D seismic data.

This is one of the wells on our Burns lease, the well #7

Burns #7 Well

This is the tank for our burns #7 Well

Burns Lease Tank

This is Texas Light Crude Oil pouring out of our well

Crude Oil

This is a drone view of the Burns #7 Well

Drone View