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TEXAS - Madison

We own an interest in the wellbore of the oil and gas Winchester #1H well located in the T. P. Davey Survey, A-90, Madison County, Texas. Operated by Woodbine Acquisition LLC of Fort Worth, Texas. It is on a 431 acres lease part of the T.P Davey survey A-90

The completion interval for the well is 9,240' – 14,835' and was completed in the first quarter of 2012.

Woodbine Acquisition LLC has been doing a fine job with production and over the past six month reported period, this well has produced an average of approximately 54 BOPD and 9 MCFPD.

The Woodbine Formation is a geological formation in east Texas whose strata date back to the Late Cretaceous in the Upper Cenomanian stage. It is the producing formation of the giant East Texas Oil Field (also known as the "Black Giant") from which over 5.42 billion barrels of oil have been produced. The Woodbine overlies the Buda Limestone and underlies the Eagle Ford Formation and Austin Chalk. In some areas, the Woodbine is differentiated into the Lewisville Sandstone, Dexter Sandstone, Maness Shale, and/or Pepper Shale sub-units. The Woodbine and Eagle Ford sand units are collectively referred to as the "Eaglebine" oil and gas play in parts of East Texas.