An Oil and Gas Company with a vision


A leader in the Oil and Gas Industry

Petrogas Company aggressively pursues the development of the oil and gas industry in multiple states and cities across the United States.

Over the years, we have managed to build up an elite team of professionals who have a great combination of experience, expertise and technical knowledge. It is this fusion of skill and passion that has allowed Petrogas Company to become one of the foremost leaders in the oil and gas industry.

We believe in operating consistently, be it in good times or bad. This allows us to ensure a steady stream of production to meet our investors and board's expectations as well as to keep the momentum of our team going.

Our team are experts at finding and locating oil and what really sets us apart from other exploration companies is that our culture focuses on talent retention, on keeping the best professionals happy and willing to stay on our team, to further galvanize and strengthen our operations year in and year out.

We have a very strong commitment to safety and our track record speaks for itself. After spending extensive resources and years in developing our safety program and protocols, we now boast one of the best safety numbers in the industry and will continue to develop means and measures to keep our incident records low.