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TEXAS - Shelby

Our company has seeked to diversify from a mostly-oil business by getting involved in a gas-only project and we now own an interest in the wellbores of the Vols DU 01H and Vols DU B 01SL wells located in the H. L. Wiggins Survey, A-763, Shelby County, Texas.

XTO Energy Inc. of Houston, Texas is the operator for those wells and has thus far done excellent work in keeping the them going at a stable rate which has averaged approximately 6,763 MCFPD over the past six months reported period below. In fact production has increased since August of 2014.

The wells were drilled in the Carthage field into the Haynesville Shale formation at completion interval of 12,890' to 19,053' and have had cumulative production of 3,500,000+ MCF to date.

In 2008, the Haynesville Shale was thought to be the largest natural gas field in the contiguous 48 states with an estimated 250 trillion cubic feet (7.1×1012m3) of recoverable gas. More recently, as of 2009, the Haynesville was estimated to have 75 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas, second only to theMarcellus Formation in the US. Some scientists estimated recoverable reserves average of 6.5 billion cubic feet per well. The US Energy Information Administration estimated that the average well would produce 2.67 billion cubic feet of gas. Production has boomed since 2008. Haynesville gas production peaked at 7.2 billion cubic feet per day in November 2011. In January 2013 the formation produced 6.2 billion cubic feet per day, 9.3% of all the gas produced in the US. Proved reserves • 2011, US Energy Information Administration: 29.5 trillion cubic feet of gas